Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9am-12pm


2165 NE Coachman Rd Clerwater, FL 33765





We seek to fulfill our vision and mission by welcoming all, by exploring new ways to serve our neighbors and by providing a sense of fellowship and community that extends beyond the walls of the church and beyond Sunday morning.

Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan

Our Vision of Good Samaritan is to be committed to being “a house of prayer for all people” (Isaiah 56:7)


Sundays at 8am – Rite II Holy Eucharist in Chapel

Sundays at 10am – Rite II Holy Eucharist in Church with Choral Music

Wednesdays at 10am – Holy Eucharist & Healing Service in Chapel

Thursdays at 6pm – Centering Prayer in Chapel

Lent Services

Wednesday, Feb 26 at 10am – Imposition of Ashes in Church

Our Mission of Good Samaritan is To share Jesus by reaching out to others through Christian love, Bible study, worship, fellowship, and prayer.
(Paraphrased from Acts 2:42)

Search Process

The Church of the Good Samaritan currently, while in a search process for a permanent Priest, has a Priest-in-Charge who offers spiritual, pastoral, and missional leadership for the congregation. During this interim time, we are exploring ways to live more fully into our life as God’s people called to love and serve. Momentum toward new tomorrows isn’t disrupted by the search. A Search Committee has been formed, and we now are in the process of distributing our profile to potential Priest candidates. After receiving responses, the Search Committee will begin interviews. The entire process is undergirded by the prayers of our congregation led by a Prayer Team. 

Monthly Schedule

Vision for the future

A parish survey and subsequent table talks revealed the following emphases important to the congregation:
  • Enhance opportunities for building community and fellowship, embracing those with whom we find ourselves in relationship for a day, a season, or longer.
  • Strengthen our connections to the neighborhood, the county, and the world with all our available resources, including the use of our physical plant.
  • Continue to support families and youth in our neighborhood, connecting through schools, other faith congregations, nonprofits, and community centers. The age of our congregation does not need to limit our engagement with our community because we know that God continues to call all people into God’s kingdom. In practical terms, living in a highly transient area, we’ve observed that the grandparent element is missing from the lives of many children. We look for positive ways to fill that gap—e.g., via informal mentoring programs for young children and young adults.
  • Undergirding these emphases is the shared conviction that we can do this as an empowered community. Yes, we do have some people content with status quo; however, they do support new initiatives with their presence and tangible gifts. We believe the leader after God's own heart will move us all beyond being open-minded, open-hearted, and supportive to active engagement with the ministries God sets before us. This has been reinforced for us most recently with a three-week book study of Radical Resilience by Alice Updike Scannell about the skills needed to challenge the major disruptions in our lives, and we've recognized its applicability on a congregational level as well as in the more intimate details of our lives.

Metaphors for Our Vision

There are two metaphors in particular that express our heart and our desire to be a place of sanctuary, safety, and support.
  • Jesus compared the kingdom of God dynamically to the activity of a small amount of yeast. As we strive to incarnate the Gospel–to be Christ’s hands and feet–we see ourselves as the yeast God is using to transform our neighborhood. We are small in numbers, but by the mystery of God’s love and power we know that we can continue to make a difference—to “raise” the visibility of God’s kingdom in our neighborhoods.
  • We also see ourselves as a lighthouse in this community, shining a beacon of God’s love and care to those caught in the storms of life. But even as we work to help the helpless and the hopeless, we know that we don’t do anything in our own power. Our light is the light of the One who said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

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